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Privacy Policy For World Hot Web

World Hot Web tracks numbers of hits on each of its pages, reports with generic profiles as totals (no specific individual information is used) of the general type of computer and browser, and referring web site are collected to evaluate product popularity. To ensure customer confidence this information is presented in generic reports, evaluated, then discarded without reselling outside the organization.

No scripts are used to collect personal information or emails are collected through visits to WorldHotWeb.com. This includes the email button which opens a mail window only if allowed by the visitor’s computer and is designed not to collect any information or communicate with the WorldHotWeb.com server.

Information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information, site registrations, and queries is volunteered with the consent of the Web site visitor who visits WorldHotWeb.com. The information is used internally for evaluation of the performance of WorldHotWeb.com and is responded to in confidence without reference to third parties.

Visitor name and address will not be shared with any other organization other than the purpose of membership benefits. Visitor name, address and email shall never be sold for resale to commercial mailing lists. Visitors who supply us with their telephone numbers on-line may receive telephone contact from WorldHotWeb.com with information regarding marketing requests and opportunities voluntarily submitted to WorldHotWeb.com