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Medical Equipment

The Wright Stuff Home Health Care Products

IN THE KITCHEN (Here you'll find helpful products that make kitchen tasks easier. Use these items to make cooking, cutting, opening, peeling, dining and drinking easier. Kitchen items include plate guards, scooper plates, scooper bowls, adaptive utensils, arthritic utensils, jar openers, no spill cups, and ergonomic knives)

GETTING READY (Use these helpful items when you're getting ready for your busy day! You'll find: hair dryer holder, sock aids, long handle sponges, long handle brushes, long handle shoe horns, lotion applicators, elastic shoelaces, button aids, zipper pulls, dressing aids, hygiene aids and other items to make bathing, hygiene, dressing and grooming easier)

AROUND THE HOUSE (Helpful household items to make a variety of everyday tasks easier. We provide a variety of reachers, grasping aids, arthritis tools, disabled writing aids, door knob grippers, key turners, ergonomic garden tools, jumbo playing cards, playing card holders and more)

ON THE MOVE (When moving around is difficult, these products make standing, walking, or transfering easier You'll find these helpful items here: walker baskets, wheelchair bags, wheelchair accessories, walker accessories, walker glides, swivel cushions, folding carts, walking aids, and other mobility aids)

FOR YOUR COMFORT( The "Wright" products to make you more comfortable. You'll feel better using our arthritis gloves, gel seat pads, thermoskin supports, heat packs, positioning pillows and orthopedic pillows)

GARDEN TOOLS (Specialty garden hand tools make gardening easier)

Free Glucose Meter

Free meter for customers with Medicare or private insurance and a valid prescription for diabetes. There's no catch, find out why thousands of people are getting their diabetic supplies through FreeGlucoseMeter.com. Access Diabetic Supply offers a complete line of products to help you manage your diabetes, including meters, test strips, lancets, lancing devices, control solution, insulin, syringes, insulin pump supplies, erectile dysfunction devices, among others. We carry all the major brands and deliver them directly to your door-always free of charge.

Vitality Medical

browse products( Every Day Gifts, Bathroom Assist, Beds & Accessories, Blood Pressure, Braces-Splints-Supports, Canes-Walkers-Crutches, Children-Pediatric, Compression Pumps, Daily Living Aids, Diabetes Supplies, Diagnostic Products, Enema & Colon Care, Exercise Therapy, Foot Care & Vascular Support, Impotence, Incontinence, Maternity, Nutritional Support, Ostomy, O2 Concentrators & Therapy, Pain Relief & Comfort, Patient Care, Physical Therapy, Physician Supplies, Respiratory Therapy, Scales, Skin Care, Urinary Supplies, Wheelchairs-Scooters, Wound Care )

All Heart Medical Supplies

All Heart Medical Supplies Medical Supply, Uniforms, Scrubs, womens scrubs, uniforms, print tops, jackets, mens scrubs, uniforms, scrub sets from $9.99, lab coats, shoes, chogs, hoisery, socks, stethoscopes, nurse kits, blood pressure devices, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, gloves, masks, disposables, accessories, pins, pens, gifts, watches, fun&jewelry, scissors & EMT & Misc items, scales/health & wellness, clinical medical supplies, bookes/charts/models, Doctor/medical bags/totes, Bulk & wholesale prices, gift certificates

FreedoMed Medical Services

Making diabetic monitoring easier for you and your family
As the nation's leading diabetic medical supply company, our mission is to provide low cost or totally free diabetic supplies to diabetics who are eligible through Medicare or private insurance.
Participating Medicare Provider
Accept Most Major Medical Insurance Plans
Accept Assignment on Medicare and Insurance Claims
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Liberty Medical Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes testing supplies.
Prescription medications.

And a free Liberty Meter just for contacting us.**

Whether the bulk of your healthcare costs are covered by Medicare or a health insurance plan, chances are the cost of your diabetes testing supplies may be covered.* If you’re currently paying out of pocket, Liberty may help you find a significant savings.

But Liberty does a lot more than that. We’ll deliver your diabetes testing supplies and prescriptions right to your door with no charge for shipping. And when it’s time to reorder, we’ll give you a call with a friendly reminder. We’ll even handle all your Medicare and insurance claim forms for you.

And now, you can get a FREE Liberty meter just for contacting us.** This new compact meter is one of the fastest, easiest and most accurate on the market.